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If you join Avon as a Rep, you can now sell beauty products online only if you like to do. You can also sell to your friends and family or the traditional door-to-door method.

If you sign up to join Avon, you’ll receive your personal online Avon store and a Digital Avon brochure where customers can purchase directly from the store, and you’ll still be paid a commission.

We’ll help you get yourself a position as an Avon Representative and how to get new customers. When you join Avon as a Rep or as a Sales Leader, you’ll be able to choose the hours that work for you: You can work between other commitments, part-time or full time.

You will get access to a personal Avon website, where you’ll find plenty of information and guidance and instructions, step-by-step guides and digital tools and apps to help you market the success of your Avon business.

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Please complete the online application form. If you have any questions, please contact me at or mobile 07826852378.

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